Launch of the Snowman brand at Simple Session 2023

Snowmani lanseerimine Simple Session 2023

Simple Session 2023 was not only an important event in the extreme sports field, but a landmark event for Snowman, where our lifestyle brand grand debut took place. Our launch at this event was powerful – we brought something completely new and trendy to the world of extreme sports: for the first time – vapes, our nicotine pouches and energy drinks were still a secret at that time.

Our presence at Simple Session was impressive. A number of top athletes competing in BMX and skateboarding competitions proudly wore our brand clothing, demonstrating our deep desire to be associated with extreme sports and youthful courage. These clothes were not only stylish but functional to perfectly match the adrenaline-filled sports out there. The appearance of athletes in our clothing gave even more weight to our message that Snowman is indeed part of the extreme sports community.

In addition to the outstanding presentation by the athletes, we offered visitors the opportunity to get to know the clothing collection at our booth, because we wanted to give visitors the opportunity to experience the essence of our brand firsthand.

Our launch at Simple Session showed how innovative brands like Snowman can use major sporting events to introduce themselves to a new, energetic and trend-conscious audience. It was a strategic move that showed that we understand our target audience and are ready to set new standards in the lifestyle brand market.

Snowman at Simple Session

An adrenaline-filled extreme sports party: Simple Session 2023

Let’s talk more about one of the craziest extreme sports events in the world – Simple Session 2023, which took place in our hometown, Tallinn. It wasn’t just a competition, it was a complete adrenaline rush and a place where sport, culture and creativity came together, creating a unique atmosphere. The most talented BMX riders and skateboarders on the planet gathered there to show the crowd their mad skills.

What a vibe!

Imagine this: a sports hall with an industrial vibe, walls covered in street art, and in the middle are tracks that look like something out of a video game. The competition itself was full of excitement and adrenaline, as the athletes demonstrated incredible tricks and skills. Skateboard and BMX competitions were real audience magnets, where every trick and jump brought lively reactions. The athletes flew through the air with such ease and style that it felt like next-level CGI! And the vibe was so chill – as if everyone there is one big group of friends who share a love for extreme sports.

Not just a sports event

Simple Session 2023 was not just a sports event. In addition to sports, it was also a cultural festival where people could enjoy live music, DJ sets, street art and meet like-minded people. It was a place to experience new trends and ideas that went beyond sports. All this created an atmosphere that was so lively and energetic that even visitors who were not hardcore fans of extreme sports before, became them during the event.

The finals were awesome. The highlights of the BMX and skateboard competitions resembled scenes straight out of a thriller. The contestants gave it their all to win the desired Simple Session title. When the winners were announced, the atmosphere was full of electricity. It was not just a win for the individual athletes, it was a victory for the entire passionate community that was part of this memorable and adrenaline-filled event.

Simple Session 2023 was a real experience that brought together people from different backgrounds to celebrate courage, innovation and creativity. It was a reminder that life doesn’t just have to revolve around boring routines and screens, the world is full of excitement and adventure waiting to be discovered. If you arrive in Tartu next year, know that you are part of something extraordinary: part of a community that always raises the bar higher and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. For Snowman, it was the perfect platform to show how our products fit into an active and adventurous lifestyle. It was an event that proved that the world of extreme sports is always open to new ideas and innovation.

See the powerful moments and emotions captured at Simple Session in our gallery!

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